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How it works

Introduction to the new generation payment account and its features

Create your account

Open an account to start using our services. Each account can have unlimited number of balance components. Each component can store one of the supported currency types. You can have regular currency components for USD and EUR, and cryptocurrency components for BTC and ETH. Convert amounts between components instantly using current market rate. Transfer USD and EUR from and to your account using SWIFT. Send BTC and ETH directly from and to your address through the blockchain.

Add payment cards

Attach payment cards to your account balance components. One card can be attached to one component. You can choose between real plastic card accepted worldwide, virtual card for internet payments and smartphone application for NFC enabled devices.

Access your account

Configure your account features, review your transactions, manage your cards, convert currency, make transfers and payments and much more using our user friendly modern web interface or smartphone application. Two factor authentication is supported for maximum security.

Set up advanced features

Get maximum from your account by adding advanced features. Set up automated and scheduled payments to your employees or family. Define risk rules and usage limits for your cards using rule based configuration. Configure various notifications to be aware about your account activity.


Detailed list of supported features

Plastic card

Real plastic EMV card to access your account. Accepted in ATM and POS devices worldwide as well as ready for e-commerce usage. Has contactless interface for instant payments.

Virtual card

Virtual card for e-commerce usage. Issued instantly with no fee. Safe and elegant solution for web purchases.

Smartphone pay

Smartphone application for devices with NFC capability. Supports Android Pay and Apple Pay. Accepted in contactless enabled POS devices worldwide.


Store regular currencies on your account. Transfer money to and from account using SWIFT. USD and EUR components are supported.


Store cryptocurrencies on your account. Currently BTC and ETH components are supported. More to be supported in future.

Instant conversion

Use online interface to cryptocurrency stock exchange and convert amounts on your account components instantly using current market rate.

Web interface

Use advanced web interface to log into your account. Make transfers, view transaction history, convert currency, manage your cards and much more with modern and safe web access.

Mobile application

Access to your account using mobile application with set of most important actions. Review your account, block your cards, view transaction history and perform currency conversion. Android and iOS are supported.

API access

Use API access to accept payments from other Elexapay accounts to your account on the web.

Application server

Attach advanced triggers and applications to your account. Scheduled and triggered payments. Conversion between regular currency and cryptocurrency based on rate changes.

Risk management

Use predefined card security rules or define your own. Set your own card usage limits based on card usage frequency and transaction amounts.


Receive account activity notifications. Different channels, such as email, SMS or mobile application popups are supported.


Welcome to our Ethereum cryptocurrency based investment program

With our development activity approaching to final stage we are looking for funds required to establish legal office, obtaining required licenses to operate as financial institution and payment card issuer as well as cover initial operational costs. We have chosen Ethereum smart contract platform due to its simplicity, clarity and anonymity. Purchased tokens will be used for project profit distribution. Number of tokens investor has in relation to the total number of ICO tokens will determine what proportion of dividend amount he will receive.

Open Investor Panel below to make an investment. Read instructions carefully before doing any operations.

Open Investor Panel
Reward program:

We are offering the reward program for attracting new investors and advertising our project on media.
Read more in “Instructions” section inside Investor Panel.


Read our technical whitepaper
We will update the document upon completion of development stages

Download Whitepaper


Roadmap of our development and project stages

  • February 2016

    Start of dev

    Team started the development of core functionality required to manage account and attached cards.


  • July 2016

    OLTP dev

    Team started the development of online transaction processing related functionality required to accept card transactions.


  • November 2016

    Cryptocurrency dev

    Team started the development of cryptocurrency and stock exchange support module.


  • March 2017

    Advanced features dev

    Team started the development of application server, risk server and notification server.


  • January 2018


    Decision to start ICO program to raise required funds.

    In progress...

  • May 2018

    Interface dev

    Development of web interface, mobile application and API access.

    In progress.

  • January 2019

    Dev finished

    All initial development is finished, tested, integrated and ready for deployment.

    To be done...

  • March 2019

    Legal office establishment

    We are registered as financial institution. Legal office is opened.

    To be done...

  • May 2019


    Card issuer certifications and payment network acceptance activities.

    To be done...

  • Summer 2019

    Start of the service!

    Services are opened to public.

    To be done...

  • 2020

    New features

    Development of new features and interfaces. Adding new methods of funds transfer to and from account. Integration with other payment systems.

    To be done...

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